Exit signs based on UL 924 specifications can be customized to meet any regional graphics requirements.

Standard PL Exit Signs
Cost-effective, sustainable, and fail-safe, Ecoglo Standard Signs are extremely durable, easy to install, require no power and negligible maintenance. Manufactured using a process known as High Temperature Curing (HTC) creates signs with very high light storage capabilities and unparalleled durability.

Architectural Exit Signs
Cost-effective, sustainable, and fail-safe, Ecoglo Architectural Exit Signs offer all the features of the standard exit sign but are finished in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design to complement any interior space.

Hybrid Exit Sign
Cost-effective, sustainable, and fail-safe, Ecoglo Hybrid Exit Signs are the ultimate solution in emergency exit signage. Incorporating Ecoglo’s patented photoluminescent technology with next generation LEDs, the hybrid sign is effective in all lighting scenarios but requires no battery backup.

PLC Exit Sign Standards
Established in 2015, the Photoluminescent Lighting Council (PLC) is the peak industry organisation for the emergency visibility industry in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region and has an associate relationship with the Photoluminescent Safety Association in USA. The aim of the PLC is to further the understanding and use of photoluminescent products and solutions.

In early 2018, the PLC board of directors approved Photoluminescent Council Standards – PLCS 101 Parts A, B and C relating to Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

Download the PLC Exit Sign Standards below (PDF):
PLC 101 Standards

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